Being free from myself!

Yah what a story. Here is the story.

I have a friend a great friend. Once he asked me what is the best advice I can give. I thought a second and answered. “Just free from yourself”

Think about an egoistic person you met. How about the most egoistic person in the entire universe. Always bragging about themselves, always compare themselves with riches or poor, always complaining. Hate the guy right? Now think living with that person forever. You may not have to, maybe you already have. Or maybe it’s you.

Resuming the story. I was an egoistic person. But my upbringing taught me to be humble. At least show that I am humble. Fast forward few years after some failures here’s a person who think he is only a small piece of a big thing. But still he want to be the best at what he does but with less weight on his head.

Becoming far and far from the egoistic person I was is the best thing happened to me. I’m an introverted person in personal life so my ego was not an issue for others they did not met that person. They did not get frustated from him. They did not get irritated from him. But I did. That is the worst thing for an egoistic person.

Egoistic person = A creature to pitty

Now I am happy thogh I failed miserably to get here. Because I am free from the person myself.


Instagram won’t ruin my life again!!!

I want to be authentic and honest to people rather than creating a fake persona and be unhappy for real life. I stopped using Instagram long time ago but never deleted it. I deleted my Facebook. I’m fed up with the awesomeness of other people’s persona which can be fake or not and also I saved a lot time from Candy Crush thingyyys. I’m facing exams these days which are really important for me because people are asking where is my degree. And I do not enjoying my job fully these days because I took some impulsive and irrational decisions.


By the way search youtube for “Charisma on command instgram” and watch the video




I’m a lot busy these day so I couldn’t complete my newest blog post about some worries and frustrations come along with my career thanks for the likes and comments for the last post! It’s a struggle to keep a blog alive I know that’s why I post this short post so that the momentum gained do not loose. Are you a struggling blogger like me tell me aboutyou in the comments. Thanks and leave aaaaa


Why didn’t I celebrate New Year.

I will never. No one with a growth mindset should celebrate a New Year. People used to think its like a reset button of life. People think they can start over. OF COURSE THEY CAN! You don’t have to wait a month to start over nor a month nor a second. You just have to act now.

I know it’s a bit late to post a rant about New Year but I am not going to wait for another eleven months.

I’m a teacher and I observed some of my students brought brand new books for the new class. But let me ask you Do math change? Are we going to teach you different math than previous year? Math does not reset after 31st of December.


Here is my new year’s resolution. Two years ago I started this blog to make monnney as I heard that wordpress was a money making machine. But after few months I got the news that it is not but I found the platform offered more than what I asked for. I ended up spending time reading other people’s content than creating my own. Which is not bad as it sounds because it made me thinking and rethink of what I do here. AAAh where I’m going!!! It happened again I lost for words.

The ANNOUNCEMENT is that from now on I’ll use the blog to create my own stuff and update it weekly. And also write at least 100 words on a single blog post.


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