A recent travel!!!

it’s been a while how are you. After a few weeks of vacation, Uni starts tomorrow. And I think it’s the time to write about a refreshing and enjoyable memory of my exciting vacation.

A few weeks ago I was a confused person. Recent changes of events in my life was not really on my side. Life hit hard on me and the bad and I was offered sadness and frustrations. Then another day, one of my friends invited me to visit Bambarakanda falls.

Situated in Badulla district, Bambarakanda is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. With a height of 263 m (863 ft), it ranks as the 299th highest waterfall in the world. The stream of water of Kuda oya has to struggle with a strong wind before meeting the ground 800 ft below which creates a small shallow pond. It’s not a huge amount of water falling down as it is said in the name Kuda oya (By the way we visited in the dry season). It is one of the safest places to swim despite it’s height.

The first my friend asked to join them my reaction was uh….. I was kind of a lazy person when it comes to leave home. IN MY VACATION!!!.Then I realized it’s a good opportunity to be refreshed before another few months of studying and exams. I said OK I’ll come.

Visit to Bambarakanda was almost half a day to Haputhala. I thought a long long nap would help me to get through such a long trip before I met a nice group of people who is travelling there to see their family. I get a chance to talk with a person who is currently visited Sri Lanka to see his family. The chatting was about random stuff like politics, Sri lankan railway department, crickets and life abroad. 😀

A trip on the train is not the most comfortable and fastest in Sri Lanka. But it’s both affordable and comfortable than many others. Nice sceneries of upcountry, a smooth ride spiced up with subtle and rhythmic wiggles of the trains, trademark clicking sounds of the train was one heck of a ride.

There was half an hour trip to Kalupahana from Haputhala by bus. And there is 5 kms journey to Bambarakanda falls from there. I used to run few kms in the past back in the school. 5 kms??? that was nothing to me. Not many things were happening along the road for a long time. It took forever to reach to the 1 km post. Sounds of water splashing made many false alarms as we walked only to find out some smaller falls and some water streams used to irrigation.     

To visit Bambarakanda falls there are two routs. Accessing from Kalupahana is the easiest way to reach Bambarakanda. I heard that there is another route. Accessing Horton Plains form Ohiya and there is another 15 kms!!!

It took forever to reach the bottom of the Bambarakanda falls. There is a smooth way up the mountain to reach there. And also that is an ideal place to relax. And there the magnificient BAMBARAKANDA FALLS!!! Adventure and excitement was along the way up to the top of the falls. THAT’S ANOTHER STORY.

P1140294       P1140287     P1140302

Have a nice day.


What do you think about my writing. Please comment!!!


Author: sahantsm

I'm new to blogging. My target is to create a travel blog. I'm still experimenting and creating stuff. I'm a student My passions are science, politics and nature.

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