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TO DO List“To Do” lists are simply documented outlines on all tasks that you want to perform at a specified time. It could be housework, office work or any task calling for its fulfillment. It is important that you make a “To Do” list a night before the following day so that you can know what you are actually up to when you wake up from bed. To do lists prevent you from forgetting tasks you should carry and guides you to manage yourself by prioritizing your daily schedules. How then do you make and become skillful at making good “To Do” lists? Follow these steps.

Simply write down all your tasks: Write down every task. Making “To Do” lists is a very simple thing to do once you can write, but being skillful at it is the reason why it must be learnt. Just write all the tasks that face you…

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I'm new to blogging. My target is to create a travel blog. I'm still experimenting and creating stuff. I'm a student My passions are science, politics and nature.

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