Twenty minutes of writing….

Numbers, what are them? just a collection of symbols represent mathematical data? or are they words of a poem? As a mathematics teacher I’m fascinated by these numbers numbers can give you information that you’d never expect.

different circumstances produce different outputs as we interact with them. As a computer program produce different numbers for a different inputs. What is the number represent happiness, what is the number represent sadness, What is the number represent depression.

Numbers are used to represent colors in a computer program. Every color has a number. If there is a first human used wordpress for blogging. Which one am I? which one are you? If there is a first neuron produced in the womb of mother then which ones are we using to experience happiness.

What is the number of stars in our galaxy? What is the number of atoms in an eyebrow? It’s all a collection of numbers. How many seconds are there in twenty minutes? How many arc minutes I typed. How many arc seconds taken after I last blink?

one is the number of Taj Mahals in the earth. Two is the number of times our clock hit twelve a day. Three is the number of people we need to play a tennis match including the referee. Four is the number of letters in the word “fire”. Five is the number of knuckles in a hand. Six is the number represent the score given in a cricket match when the ball is hit over the rope. “Seven seas” is a brand name of a drug company. Eight is the number of legs a spider has ( CREEPY! ) And nine, replace f with n of the word “fine”.

It’s twenty minutes of typing thanks.


The best therapy!!!

First thing to do after woke up in the morning, checking Writing101 commons. Finally the course started, great! At first, I had no idea of what I would post on “I write because…” I thought about updating my about page and post it on writing101, but….. I got a call.

I had no idea that my day would get weird and dramatic. That was my father on the other end. His tone on the phone just pissed me off. How much it pissed me off?? It got me angry, frustrated and then suicidal.

I don’t know how the “standard” procedure of a suicide. I assumed I first do something memorable, and then write a suicidal note. I thought I had to erase myself completely out of my family “no memories to exist after myself”. I started ripping off photographs of my childhood. That must be one of the stupidest things I’d done 😦 . After finishing off with destroying some of them (my mother found out in the meantime and she rescued others from me), I decided to write a “note”.

My father is the best of his deeds, but may be the worst of his expressions. He is always talking like we are here to kill him or make him suffer. I have a sister who is mean to me from my childhood. She always has that expression, look or tone to piss me off. By the way, my brother and mother, they are the best.

Ah… “The note”! I started writing it on the wall, with the use of a chalk. I was writing some of their expressions which they used to mock me in big Sinhala (my native language) words. After a while, I realized the lack of contrast of the yellow chalk I used on white wall. I stopped to change the chalk and continued writing. Again I stopped! This time, I just looked what I wrote. I started loving my writing big Sinhala hand writing on the wall! Again I started writing. This time I was more logical on what I write, I was more careful about my hand writing. Anger, frustration, sadness or whatever negative feeling I had, vanished.

Create a Life Handbook

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I’ve been inspired to create a Life Handbook. A life handbook is a personal manual that encompasses your goals and dreams, personal mission, and ideas that you have on your journey of becoming. Often, we get caught up in the daily grind and lose sight of the practical means necessary to realize our dreams. By working on a physical expression of my life purpose, I want to increase my ability to accomplish my own potential.

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Life is always harder than we envision. As a youth, I thought my life would be a straightforward execution of my goals, with occasional episodes planned by God. That was naive. In reality, I have discarded some of my lesser goals in pursuit of the ones that I found more worthy. Even some of the skills I spent years acquiring have been simply nice nick-knacks on my accomplishment shelf. My life has…

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Make a good to do list


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TO DO List“To Do” lists are simply documented outlines on all tasks that you want to perform at a specified time. It could be housework, office work or any task calling for its fulfillment. It is important that you make a “To Do” list a night before the following day so that you can know what you are actually up to when you wake up from bed. To do lists prevent you from forgetting tasks you should carry and guides you to manage yourself by prioritizing your daily schedules. How then do you make and become skillful at making good “To Do” lists? Follow these steps.

Simply write down all your tasks: Write down every task. Making “To Do” lists is a very simple thing to do once you can write, but being skillful at it is the reason why it must be learnt. Just write all the tasks that face you…

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A recent travel!!!

it’s been a while how are you. After a few weeks of vacation, Uni starts tomorrow. And I think it’s the time to write about a refreshing and enjoyable memory of my exciting vacation.

A few weeks ago I was a confused person. Recent changes of events in my life was not really on my side. Life hit hard on me and the bad and I was offered sadness and frustrations. Then another day, one of my friends invited me to visit Bambarakanda falls.

Situated in Badulla district, Bambarakanda is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. With a height of 263 m (863 ft), it ranks as the 299th highest waterfall in the world. The stream of water of Kuda oya has to struggle with a strong wind before meeting the ground 800 ft below which creates a small shallow pond. It’s not a huge amount of water falling down as it is said in the name Kuda oya (By the way we visited in the dry season). It is one of the safest places to swim despite it’s height.

The first my friend asked to join them my reaction was uh….. I was kind of a lazy person when it comes to leave home. IN MY VACATION!!!.Then I realized it’s a good opportunity to be refreshed before another few months of studying and exams. I said OK I’ll come.

Visit to Bambarakanda was almost half a day to Haputhala. I thought a long long nap would help me to get through such a long trip before I met a nice group of people who is travelling there to see their family. I get a chance to talk with a person who is currently visited Sri Lanka to see his family. The chatting was about random stuff like politics, Sri lankan railway department, crickets and life abroad. 😀

A trip on the train is not the most comfortable and fastest in Sri Lanka. But it’s both affordable and comfortable than many others. Nice sceneries of upcountry, a smooth ride spiced up with subtle and rhythmic wiggles of the trains, trademark clicking sounds of the train was one heck of a ride.

There was half an hour trip to Kalupahana from Haputhala by bus. And there is 5 kms journey to Bambarakanda falls from there. I used to run few kms in the past back in the school. 5 kms??? that was nothing to me. Not many things were happening along the road for a long time. It took forever to reach to the 1 km post. Sounds of water splashing made many false alarms as we walked only to find out some smaller falls and some water streams used to irrigation.     Read More »

Lions Roar!!!

It’s been a cricketing season in Sri Lanka. After the positives of Pakistani tour we are about to welcome our greatest cricketing rivals.

Yeah it’s been a tough few months to be a Sri Lankan cricket fan. Sri Lankan team’s overall performances were quite disappointing. We lost 7 out of 10 games for the Green Shirts. Our best bowlers and batsmen were way out of form. We made some wrong decisions and we seemed to loose the grip of the victory many times.

But there are so many reasons to be happy. After Sangakkare and Mahela, as cricket fans we thought they would be missed and there departure would create a huge hole to fill. Definitely they are missed but performances of Chandimal and Thirimanne ensured our trust on the talent of our team. And what about Kusal’s 50.

We saw young talented prospects to fill and strengthen our middle order. And we saw Milinda Siriwardana. Good luck Angelo Mathews!!! you have MS.

Now the Indian team are on a tour of three tests. They are one of the toughest teams to play with in the toughest form of the game. After thrashed by SA and Paki at home now we have another chance to prove what we are. We want a win this time. And we will win.

University of Kelaniya

University of Kelaniya is one of the first universities in Sri Lanka. The university was originated by Ven.Rathmalane Sri Dharmaloka in 1875 as Vidyalakara Pirivena. Originally only Buddhist monks male students were allowed to admit to the University since Higher Education act 1966 No.20.

University of Kelaniya is situated about 8 km North to the historic city Kelaniya. University of Kelaniya is a gem to Sri Lanka.

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