A Thought

Life is like a journey in the ocean by a long lost ship. Captain can lead the ship in a direction but without knowing current location end result is not promising. Without only seeing fading sunlight on the horizon and emerging stars on the sky, it will be frustrating at the times. Seeing gulls flying, Enjoying the glorious dances of flying Mobula will give a glimpse of hope and happiness.

Journey of the life is not about a destination. Momentary bliss, struggles, wins & loses, that’s what life yield. Believe me it will get to an end or a destination. You don’t have to force it doing what you do will get you there. Just stop for a moment to think what you went through to get here. Struggles, great times with people you love, wins and losses. Aren’t they made the person you are? Isn’t that the life you lived? isn’t that the life you are living? Then why worrying what will happen in an unknown future.


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